CNC Machining Brantford

High precision and quick turnaround times are two vital factors for producing industrial components. Industries are using CNC machines to adhere to these strict standards.

Machining Services

These machines help produce custom parts that meet all the desired specifications. Medical, aerospace and electronic industries are widely using this technology. When your business requires small or large quantities of parts, Spare Parts Barn is at your service. We can complete a variety of jobs with a high level of accuracy and quality. Also, with years of experience in CNC machining in Brantford, we are a great choice for custom machine parts.

Our CNC Machining Services in Brantford

Spare Parts Barn possesses a team of talented and qualified technicians who can provide high-quality, cost-effective, and reliable comprehensive CNC machining services to their valuable customers in Brantford. Our expertise is not only in one specific area but also in creating prototypes and full-scale production of desired parts.

Moreover, if you are looking for CNC milling, turning, cutting, or grinding services, turn to Spare Parts Barn. We possess advanced equipment such as 3-axis machines, lathes, or other manual machines to complete any size project on time. So no matter what you want, our expert team can deliver it. We also cater to a wide range of customers, from small local businesses to larger corporations.

CNC Bending in Brantford

CNC bending is a fully automated bending method that provides a high level of accuracy and flexibility in design. Also, there is no issue with the repeatability for design modifications or correcting errors.

At Spare Parts Barn, we possess state-of-the art CNC bending machines that can bend sheet metal up to 4 meters in length and other complex parts like enclosures, brackets, chassis, etc. Our CNC bending service is beneficial for industries like engineering, automobile, and electrical that require precisely shaped parts.

We have established ourselves as one of the most professional and reliable companies that specialize in CNC bending in Brantford. Under the direction of qualified professionals, we provide these services in accordance with customer requirements.

CNC Milling in Brantford

In the CNC milling method, a revolving cutter with several cutting edges is used for machining uneven, curved, or flat surfaces. It can efficiently cut complex shapes from plastic and metal materials with high precision and in various configurations and sizes.

Also, the complexity of the finished product depends on how many axes the numerical control CNC machine possesses. It can be used for cooper milling, aluminum milling, steel milling, and much more.

Moreover, CNC milling in Brantford services reduces overall prototyping costs, lowers manual labor, saves time, and improves the efficiency of the manufacturing process.

Our CNC Machine Shop in Brantford

Spare Parts Barn’s main objective is to offer its valuable customers high-precision machine parts at highly competitive prices with a quick turn-around time. Our team is highly committed to helping various industries meet their goals and be successful in their respective fields. Our machines include 3-axis lathes, milling machines, precision cutting saws, and much more.

Moreover, our professional 3D design software and state-of-the-art equipment help us perform highly complex and advanced CNC machining operations. At our CNC machine shop in Brantford, each project undergoes a quality control inspection before production begins, as well as first-part inspections and in-process inspections during the manufacturing phase.

Benefits of Choosing Our CNC Machining Services in Brantford

Spare Parts Barn CNC machining services are custom-made for efficiency, flexibility, and exceptional quality. Here is what makes us the best:

  • We use the most advanced CNC machining equipment and tools for best performance and efficiency.
  • We offer you fast and accurate CNC machining quotes with no hidden charges.
  • Our prices are market competitive.
  • We offer comprehensive services. So you will find what you are looking for under one roof.

All your parts will meet all of your desired specifications and comply with the highest industry standards.

So, hire our CNC machining services in Brantford and get your parts made with high accuracy and great quality. Request a free quote now. Call us at +1 365 999 1786 or email us at

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