CNC Machining Burlington

Spare Parts Barn offers a reliable, efficient, and quick-turn provider of CNC machining services in Burlington. 

Machining Services

We offer a comprehensive range of services and always use state-of-the-art equipment in manufacturing products. Moreover, our team of expert engineers makes sure that your products are produced as per the required specifications.

Furthermore, we also have fully equipped facilities for rapid prototyping and full production of a wide range of components. We produce simple and complex machines for different industries

CNC Machine Shop in Burlington

At our CNC machine shop in Burlington, we handle a variety of projects, from small prototypes to big production runs, using a wide range of the latest machinery. We also have advanced software in our shop. It helps us streamline our machining operations and reduce errors.

The machines we have in our shop include lathes, mills, surface grinders, etc., and this helps us produce and deliver products on time, every time. We can work with materials like metal and plastic. This also shows that we can meet all your requirements and are committed to providing only the best and nothing less than that.

CNC Machining Services in Burlington

We provide a comprehensive range of CNC services in Burlington to our valuable customers in Burlington and surrounding areas.

CNC Turning

A lathe is used in CNC turning services to create desired parts and components. This advanced machinery enables us to produce the most rigid designs with the finest details in a variety of shapes and precisions. Also, the raw material used in the manufacturing process is attached to and rotated by the machine.

CNC Milling

CNC milling in Burlington is a process that helps in producing custom parts in the required shape and dimensions from various materials like metal, wood, and much more. Moreover, unwanted material is removed from the workpiece with the help of the rotating cutter at high speed.

CNC Milling in Burlington

CNC Cutting

Computerized controls and cutting tools are used in CNC cutting to produce an exact and precise cut finish. It is applied in industrial settings where mass manufacturing is the goal. Also, the products must be free from errors or have any precise or irregular shapes.

CNC Custom Machining

Custom CNC cutting in Burlington is different from other CNC machining services. It is used to create components or parts that have unique requirements and do not exist anywhere else. In simple words, a product is a completely new idea or invention.

CNC Services in Burlington

We provide other CNC services in addition to our CNC machining and cutting services. They consist of CNC tapping, drilling, and bending. So, no matter how difficult the project, our knowledgeable machinists can assist you.

CNC Bending

A CNC bending machine or press brake machine is used to bend sheets of metal at a specific angle using pre-set programs. So, it can produce simple bends or complex parts and achieve greater accuracy.

Choosing Our CNC Machining Services in Burlington

CNC Drilling

It is a type of machining that creates round holes in a stationary workpiece using a spinning cutting tool. Often, the holes are drilled to accept machine screws or bolts for assembly. The workpiece, the cutter spindle, or a combination of the two can be moved to position the tool for drilling.

CNC Tapping

A thread is made inside a hole in a workpiece using a process called CNC tapping. This allows a screw or a bolt to be threaded into the hole. The thread on nuts is also made by tapping. Also, to achieve the process’ accuracy and precision, the process is pre-programmed and managed by the computerized control unit.

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