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CNC machining is a type of machining process in which computer-controlled machines are directed to remove excess material from the workpiece. The machines used in this process are lathes, milling, 3-axis or 4 axis and routers.

Spare Parts Barn is one of the reliable names for providing quality CNC machining services in Mississauga. Our commitment is to provide consistent quality and reliability when manufacturing any industry parts. We cater to a wide range of customers and deliver 100% guaranteed satisfaction.

Machining Services

One of the most reliable CNC machine shops in Mississauga where you can get top-notch machining solutions is Spare Parts Barn. With years of experience and a qualified staff, we can provide the best and most cost-effective CNC machining solutions. A variety of materials, including aluminum, steel, and plastic, have been used to make parts at our shop.

Moreover, we provide solutions for large-scale production, prototype production, and small-batch manufacturing. There is no doubt that our machining will provide the highest level of accuracy.

The types of machines available at our shop include milling, lathes, 3-axis, and surface grinders. Also, we provide a faster turnaround time and lower transportation costs.

CNC Machining Services in Mississauga

We provide a comprehensive range of CNC machining Mississauga services that can carry out different tasks. The services we provide are CNC milling, CNC drilling, CNC turning, and CNC cutting.

CNC Milling Services

The purpose of CNC milling machines is to maintain the position of raw materials while spinning cutting tools create shapes and cuts. These machines are used by machinists to create a variety of features, such as flat surfaces, cavities, threads, and slots.

CNC Drilling Service

The main function of a drilling machine is to create holes of an appropriate size and diameter in materials like metal, hard plastic, and other rigid materials. These holes are usually created for bolts and machine screws.

CNC Turning Service

CNC turning machines rotate materials while introducing cutting tools to their surface to produce a specific product. Bolts and screws are a few of the components that can be produced on CNC turning machines.

CNC Cutting Service

CNC cutting is a manufacturing technique that involves removing material from solid objects using computer-controlled cutting tools. Steel, aluminum, wood, and plastic are just a few of the materials that can be cut precisely using this method.

Advantages of CNC Machining

Computer-controlled CNC machines are much better than the traditional machining process. These machines are fully automatic, reduce human errors, increase productivity, and are cost-effective.


CNC machines are pre-programmed to perform a series of functions or actions. You don’t have to supervise the whole manufacturing process. This increases your productivity level and the rate of your output.


CNC machines offer great accuracy and high consistency because they reduce the occurrence of human errors. The product they produce is flawless. The level of reliability and quality of the products produced is higher.


With a high rate of output and fewer errors in the finished products,and operators requiring less training reduces the overall production cost. So, this makes the process highly cost-effective.


CNC machines are perfect for both short and long production runs. It is because they can be quickly reprogrammed to create an entirely new product. In addition, programming changes can be made without taking a lot of time or money.

CNC Machining Applications in Mississauga

Every part of the manufacturing process can be improved by implementing CNC machining, but some industries benefit from it in very specific ways.


Strong materials for constructing equipment and other devices are continually being developed by the aerospace industry. The majority of this equipment focuses on factors like safety and quality control. So, this makes CNC machining important. The parts produced by this process are airfoils, antennae, landing gear, and much more.


The electronics sector uses CNC machining for prototyping and manufacturing. The capacity to handle small-scale building with consistency is a benefit that CNC machining gives the electronics industry.


Medically safe materials can be machined using CNC technology. The method has a wide range of uses in the medical sector since it suits creating custom parts. Also, the great performance of medical components is dependent on the tight tolerances that CNC machining provides.

Instruments for surgery, electronic housings, orthotics, and implants are among the medical parts that can be produced by a CNC machine.

Oil and Gas

The oil and gas industry is another that needs precise tolerances for safety-critical CNC lathe applications. This industry makes use of CNC milling machines to produce accurate, dependable components such as pistons, cylinders, rods, pins, and valves.

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