Machining Services

Spare Parts Barn provides a variety of precision CNC machining services including milling, turning and surface grinding. We can handle all types of CNC machining parts in both metal and plastic materials and pride ourselves on being able to machine whatever you need, from simple, ‘as-machined’ work holdings to complex, organic geometries with tight tolerances. Whatever you need prototypes or production parts, our machining services will be your best choice.

CNC Milling

Spare Parts Barn relies on some of the best milling machines to offer the versatility and flexibility you need to machine any precision component, from

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Shipping & Packaging

We offer top-quality, competitively-priced packaging and shipping services for every type of product. Spare Parts Barn packages your product according to your specifics. The systems

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Custom Manufacturing

We create custom products under your label or private brand. Our final product always uses your designs and requirements to create products to your specifications. Our

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Laser Marking Services

Spare Parts Barn provides contract laser marking services to a broad range of industries including wholesale, corporate gifts, promotional items, private labeling, commercial and industrial manufacturers.

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CNC Machining Raw Materials

We work with a wide range of plastic and metal alloy materials including magnesium, mild and stainless steel, aluminum, brass and titanium as well as rigid engineering grade plastic resins. These materials are part of our standard inventory and can be sourced for immediate availability from reliable vendors who have been thoroughly vetted and approved by us. In addition we can also provide specialty materials such as super hard alloys – just talk with our engineers to learn how we can meet your needs.