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About Us

Spare Parts Barn

Spare Parts Barn Inc is a privately-owned Canadian company. We have employees who help us to provide top quality, lowest cost and best service to the community around us, in neighbouring provinces and in the northern states.

Whether you need a large quantity or a single product, Spare Parts Barn Inc in Burlington, ON, is here for your business needs. Family-owned and locally operated, we offer our customers our years of experience and state-of-the-art CNC machining services.

Known as a “job shop” in the machining industry, we do not specialize in one particular area. Instead,
we create prototypes or full-scale production to provide any machining that your business requires.

Turn to Spare Parts Barn Inc for high-precision parts either in substantial or minimal quantities. We have high-performance CNC milling machines, lathes, and many manual machines for smaller projects. No matter what you are looking for, rely on our team to deliver. We serve a wide range of customers, from small local businesses to making parts for large corporations.

Our Core Values​


We built better when we work together. We achieve more when we collaborate.

Attention to Detail

We are specialised in precision manufacturing. Our eagle eye set ourself apart from other organisation.

No Excuses

We get the job done right and on time, the first time, every time.

Continuous Improvement

Our drive to improve is built into our culture. We monitor key metrics to make our business better tomorrow then it was today.

Machining Services

CNC (computer numerical control) helps the manufacturing sector boost its efficiency and productivity. Cutting machines like lathes and mills are moved and operated under computer control.

Spare Parts Barn is a privately owned and locally operated company in Toronto. We possess a skilled team that helps us provide premium CNC machining services in Toronto. The modern machining tools that we have enable us to make high-quality parts that adhere to industry standards.

However, with our years of expertise, we can meet all part specifications and efficiently handle substantial or minimal quantities. We offer our services to both small local businesses and large corporations.


CNC Milling

Spare Parts Barn relies on some of the best milling machines to offer the versatility and flexibility you need to machine any precision component, from

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Shipping & Packaging

We offer top-quality, competitively-priced packaging and shipping services for every type of product. Spare Parts Barn packages your product according to your specifics. The systems

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Custom Manufacturing

We create custom products under your label or private brand. Our final product always uses your designs and requirements to create products to your specifications. Our

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Choose Our CNC Machining Services

Skilled Team

Working for several years in this industry, our team at Spare Parts Barn has become proficient in creating flawless and high-precision parts.

High-Quality Products

Our competent and trained engineers thoroughly examine the product designs. It helps them produce quality products that meet all of your specific requirements.

Keep Customers Updated

We keep our valuable customers updated on the status of the project. This assures you a high degree of precision.

Low Cost

The advanced machines we use can efficiently tackle all features of the parts, reducing the need for extra machines. As a result, lowering the overall cost and increasing production time.


So why wait? Request a free quote from the best machining company in Toronto. Our purpose is to serve and provide support to our customers with CNC machining services. Call us now at +1 365 999 1786 or email us at

CNC Machine Shop Toronto

When you need high-precision parts, you need a CNC machine shop in Toronto that utilizes advanced CNC machining. Spare Parts Barn offers premium-quality, high-precision products at a competitive rate.

In addition, our high-level production process control helps us meet our valuable customers deadlines and make quick design modifications if required. Our competent and qualified team ensures product quality meets the specific requirements of our customers.

No matter how complex the project is, we go above and beyond to achieve flawless perfection of the highest quality. Moreover, our prototyping experiences assist in delivering cost-effective solutions by designing original ideas, blueprints, and engineered components. Also, we keep our customers informed at each step of the production process.

At Spare Parts Barn, the types of machines we have in our shop are:

  • CAK6150V CNC Lathe Machine
  • MY1230 Hydraulic Surface grinder
  • VMC1160 Vertical Machining Center
  • Fibre Laser Marking Machine
  • CO2 Laser Cutting and Engraving Machine

CNC Machining Services Toronto

CNC Milling

For cutting and chip removal from the workpiece, a spinning tool is used. CNC milling in Toronto can perform several functions like slotting, threading, and chamfering and enable the production of complex and intricate designs.

CNC Turning

It produces cylindrical parts such as bushings or shafts. The material surrounding the metal perimeter is removed by CNC while the metal component is spinning. It therefore results in the desired shape and diameter.

Precision Grinding

In order to obtain more accurate dimensions, a variety of procedures known as precision grinding are used to remove small, thick layers of material from the surface of metal parts. These techniques include surface grinding and honing or shaping processes.

In addition, we cater to a wide range of industries, including:

Aerospace: CNC machines help produce complex parts with great precision. The parts are made of aluminum and titanium.

Automotive: CNC machines produce engine parts, transmissions, and other components of high quality and precision.

Medical: CNC machines produce several custom-made parts that meet the highest industry standards. It includes medical devices, prosthetics, and implants.

Electronics: CNC machines produce high-precision electronic devices like printed circuit boards.

We take great pride in handling all types of CNC machining parts, which include both metals and plastics. We can efficiently produce whatever parts you need, from simple ones to complex ones. So, if you need prototypes or production types, we are your ideal choice.

Custom CNC Cutting Toronto

At Spare Parts Barn, we use a cost-effective and quality approach to produce parts that meet our customers design specifications. Our custom CNC cutting Toronto service prioritizes customers preferences. We also possess a well-equipped facility and talented technicians that can efficiently handle all types of customization requests.

Moreover, the benefits that this custom service provides to businesses include:

Exceptional Accuracy

The CNC machines use advanced and high-speed cutting tools that help in creating different curves and shapes to form the final product. It reduces overall manufacturing costs, so you can get any design created.

Increased Production Speed and Efficiency

In custom CNC cutting, computers are used to control the machines. As a result, it increases the overall production speed and efficiency.

CNC Machines Are Safe

CNC machines are safe to use. These machines work behind a closed and transparent safety door.

CNC Services Toronto

Spare Parts Barn is a premium supplier of CNC services in Toronto. Apart from providing CNC milling, CNC turning, and custom parts manufacturing, we can also help our customers develop designs that assure maximum functionality.

Furthermore, we can create prototypes from metals and plastics that have high dimensional accuracy and good mechanical properties. We manufacture these prototypes using our 3-axis CNC mills or turning processes. So you get the specific prototype you need.

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